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Beware of copycats & imitators of our product

There is Only One Instant Road Repair®

A Registered Trade Mark For Over 30 Years

The quick-easy, lasting & affordable solution for pothole & spalled concrete problems!

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When everything else fails, turn to the product that EXCELS

Instant Road Repair®

Potholes and spalled concrete are a hazard for our vehicles, a liability for property owners and a budget killer for federal, state and local governments all doing their best to stay within budget, all seeking a reliable and affordable solution for these nagging problems.

International Roadway Research has developed “The Solution” for the nagging problem of potholes and spalled concrete and best of all, it is affordable and reliable. Instant Road Repair® !

Many states, cities and counties have seen firsthand how Instant Road Repair® is the solution for pothole patching, saving them time and money.

Why skimp on pothole patching material that will end up costing your department much more in the long run?

Instant Road Repair® is a permanent, one time pothole patching material that will outperform all other products available.

For over 30 years our Instant Road Repair® product has been exceeding our customers’ expectations for repairing potholes and spalled concrete on: Interstate Highways, City, County, State Roads, Airport Runways, Parking Lots, Bike Trails, Jogging Trails, Golf Cart Paths, Sidewalks, Boat Ramps, Wheelchair Access Ramps, Residential Driveways, Railroad Crossings, Utility Cuts and more.