Concrete Repair Demonstration Using
Instant Road Repair®

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Whether you’re making a repair in asphalt, concrete or a replacement section of expansion joint material, the application method for Instant Road Repair® is always the same.

First, sweep the repair area to remove any loose debris. A wet surface will not affect the adhesion of Instant Road Repair®.

To open containers, just strip the tear tab off, and remove the container lid. Turn the bucket upside down to empty contents into the area to be repaired. Instant Road Repair® is very easy to work with. It will not stick to your tools or even to your shoes when you walk in it. Spread Instant Road Repair® using a rake or shovel, to completely cover and fill the entire repaired area. Be sure to leave a crown in the center of the repaired area to allow for compaction.

Instant Road Repair® does not require any special tools or equipment. Just driving over the repaired area is all that’s needed to thoroughly compact it, and it will not stick to your tires.

Next, you’ll want to make this patch look like cement. All you need is water, a bag of Portland Cement and a broom. Wet the surface of the repaired area, then spread a light coating of Portland Cement powder to the moistened surface.

Spray the Portland Cement with water to create a slurry. Moisten the brush end of the broom and brush the cement slurry like you are painting the Instant Road Repair®. When it is dry it will look like concrete and can be driven on in about 45 minutes with summer time temperatures. The repaired area is firmly bonded to the concrete and will not shove or rut.

Instant Road Repair® has a neutral PH, there is no leeching of any chemicals. It is totally non-hazardous, non-flammable and it is non-staining.