Expansion Joint Repair Demonstration Using
Instant Road Repair®

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Whether you’re making a repair in asphalt, concrete or a replacement section of expansion joint material, the application method for Instant Road Repair® is always the same.

First, dig the rotted material out from the expansion joint crease. We recommend that you wear gloves, use a hammer, and a screwdriver or pry bar. Then remove any loose debris from the expansion joint crease by either sweeping or spraying with a hose.

Other tools that are needed are a trowel and a piece of hardwood. When the crease has been thoroughly cleaned, open the Instant Road Repair® container by stripping off the tear tab and empty the contents next to the expansion joint crease.

Then begin applying Instant Road Repair® into the crease. Apply enough of the material to allow for compaction (we recommend over filling).

Then you can begin to compact the Instant Road Repair® material into the expansion joint crease with the edge of the board. The harder you hit the board the tighter the compaction will be.

After you have completed your project, return the remaining Instant Road Repair® material to its original container and seal the lid tightly. Instant Road Repair® that has been properly sealed will remain workable and pliable for your next repair project.

Instant Road Repair® has a neutral PH, it will not stain the concrete.