Pothole Repair Demonstration Using
Instant Road Repair®

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spacerWhether you’re making a repair in asphalt, concrete or a replacement section of expansion joint material, the application method for Instant Road Repair® is always the same.

First, sweep the repair area to remove any loose debris, then thoroughly compact the area. A wet surface will not affect the adhesion of Instant Road Repair®. Our product containers are easy to open; just strip the tear tab off, and remove the container lid.

Instant Road Repair® is very easy to work with. Just turn the bucket upside down and it slides right out. It will not stick to your tools or even to your shoes when you walk in it. Spread Instant Road Repair® using a rake or shovel, to completely cover and fill the entire repaired area.

Be sure to leave a crown in the center of the repaired area to allow for compaction. Instant Road Repair® does not require any special tools or equipment. Just driving over the repaired area is all that’s needed to thoroughly compact it, and it will not stick to your tires.

Instant Road Repair® is not limited to just repairing a hole, it can be applied to the edge of a road or driveway, and it will still maintain its integrity. It does not need to be held in by a hole.

Instant Road Repair® is ideal for homeowners, schools, businesses, Department of Transportation repair crews, or anyone needing to maintain asphalt or concrete surfaces. Instant Road Repair® is easy to use and the repair is permanent.