We have developed this page to help you better understand who and what GSA is . How it can benefit you, if you are from a federal agency or are a purchasing agent for a federal agency.

What does the acronym GSA stand for?

General Services Administration

To fully most importantly support Federal employees, wherever they work, GSA provides everything from workplaces, security and supplies.

For telecommunications, travel services, fleet and personal property management and child care centers. GSA oversees the preservation of historic buildings. Manages a fine arts program and develops, advocates and evaluates government-wide policies.

GSA is a dynamic and important part of the Government. Most importantly it is one of three central management agencies in the Federal Government. Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget.

How to Buy Through GSA:

GSA offers customers many ways to purchase what they need. GSA simplifies federal procurement by negotiating large multi-user contracts. Therefore leveraging the volume of the federal market to drive down prices. Federal agencies place orders against these contracts in many ways. Through GSA customer representatives or catalogs, by phone or fax, charge cards, electronic requisitioning, in-person auctions, over the Internet.

GSA History:

The (GSA) was established on July 1, 1949, under section 101 of the Federal Property and Administration Services Act. The result of a Presidential Commission chaired by President Herbert Hoover. GSA represents the consolidation of four smaller agencies into one comprehensive Agency. The goals of the GSA are to avoid “senseless duplication, excess cost, and confusion in handling supplies”.

Around the country and throughout the world, GSA houses Federal workers and provides both products and services to support the important work of government. With an annual budget of approximately $16 billion and a staff of 14,000. GSA influences almost $66 billion in government financial transactions.